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Writer. Narrative designer. Historian. I focus on tales of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, and helping companies tell their own stories better.

After Pearl Harbor, the crew of Pan Am flight 18602 was forced to do the impossible

A Boeing 314 clipper taking off. Photo by © Museum of Flight/CORBIS via Getty Images.

It was a while before he even realised she was on the platform at York Road. He’d been running on autopilot. It was… God, what? Five years since he’d last seen someone there.

One of the most popular shows of the eighties, Knight Rider was the result of unique combination of a quirk of Glen A. Larson’s contract, and a chance meeting on a plane…

Michael Knight (David Hasslehoff) and K.I.T.T.

What price art, in a world where it no longer pays?

The Greek God of failing upward takes on a new role: Master of Intelligence.

Chris Grayling in front of a Union Jack

How bad aircraft design and demand for cheap air travel helped cause two of the worst air disasters in recent history.

A Boeing 737/8 MAX of Batik Air Malaysia at Kuala Lumpur-KUL, Malaysia

More random PTerry fanfic, prompted by Twitter conversations and… events.

As the UK goes full ‘Jingo’, the gaping literary maw left by Terry Pratchett’s death looms larger every day.

It doesn’t matter whether you are ‘Leave’ or ‘Remain’. By proroguing parliament Boris Johnson has permanently wounded British democracy.

Sir Thomas More

One in eight British men believe they could score a point against Serena Williams. Andrew Neil interviewed two of them last night.

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