Writer. Narrative designer. Historian. I focus on tales of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, and helping companies tell their own stories better.
  • Chief Seattle

    Chief Seattle

  • Ben Williams

    Ben Williams

  • Ronald H. Joe

    Ronald H. Joe

    A relative newbie to Medium. Still trying to find my proper voice(s)--but then . . . who isn't ?

  • Emma Sachsse

    Emma Sachsse

    Humorist with serious intentions. If you are signing up for a Medium membership I would love it if you used my link; https://sachsse.medium.com/membership

  • Charles McGuinness

    Charles McGuinness

    I've been part of the world of high-tech since the era of disco, which gives me a skeptical view of today's new hotness. Opinions are my own, not employers.

  • Ed Johnson

    Ed Johnson

  • Jay Titerle

    Jay Titerle

  • Øivind Eide

    Øivind Eide

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