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  • Mick Edwards

    Mick Edwards

    Glazier. Builder. Proud Scouter, husband and father. Doer of things. Owner of the oldest mobile number in the UK (according to Vodafone)!

  • UX Movement

    UX Movement

    There’s a good and bad way to design user interfaces. Our publication shows you which way gives the best user experience. https://uxmovement.com

  • Shoshi Parks

    Shoshi Parks

    Anthropologist turned freelance writer on history, travel and food/drink. http://www.shoshiparks.net

  • Yunghi Kim

    Yunghi Kim

    Photojournalist • Yunghi Grant • YunghiKim.Com • TW: @Yunghi • FB: YunghiKim.Photojournalist • Instagram: Yunghi.Kim • Project: TrailblazersOfLight.com

  • Joshua Hehe

    Joshua Hehe

    An Autodidact Polymath

  • Jeffrey Lewis

    Jeffrey Lewis

    Scholar at the Middlebury Institute and founding publisher of the Arms Control Wonk blog and podcast. https://www.patreon.com/acwpodcast

  • Carie Fisher

    Carie Fisher

    website developer, accessibility advocate, technology writer. always looking for new excuses to speak, write, or code. https://cariefisher.com

  • Darran Anderson

    Darran Anderson

    Imaginary Cities @influxpress & @UChicagoPress Writing Tidewrack @ChattoBooks (UK) & @fsgbooks (US). Irish. Married to @ChristianaSpens Rep by @EveWhiteAgency

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