Oldham: Oh God. What Have I Done?

The Oldham Athletic meeting room. Complete with free pens and pads.
Top half finish?! Top half finish!!

The good

Boundary Park, our stadium, has a capacity of over 13,000. That’s decent at this level. Decent enough that if — no, when — things start going well, we should be able to fill it and start making some money off the gate. Same logic applies to friendlies. If we can drag some big clubs over, or package those games in as part of player sales, then we can make some northern dollar.

The bad

The game literally describes us as being in a “thirty year barren spell.” Bit harsh. When was the last time Tottenham won the league? Would you say that about them, FM?

I feel like a six month transfer embargo is something you should have warned me about before I signed…



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John Bull

John Bull


Writer. Narrative designer. Historian. I focus on tales of ordinary people who did extraordinary things, and helping companies tell their own stories better.